About Us

Russell Creek Winery was established by winemaker Ronald Wade in 2014. At this time, he started making his own full-bodied stylish red wines at a small farm situated close to the banks of Russell Creek. The winery started with a simple hand-press and a couple of five-gallon carboys. Krivoshein gradually built a reputation of producing excellent-tasting wines to the delight of his customers. He continued to pay attention to details even as the winery increased its production to meet the demand for its wines. In the fall of 2015, the winery was bonded and became the 12th winery established in the area. From this point forward, Russell Creek Winery, LLC started to pique the interest of wine connoisseurs across the country. The winery went on to receive numerous awards and accolades for their wines. In addition, over ten of the wines in the cellar of Russell Creek Winery received a score of at least 90 from the lifestyle magazine, Wine Spectator.