Wines Offered At Russell Creek Winery
The following are some of the wines offered by Russell Creek Winery.

2014 Russell Creek Pinot Gris
The 2014 Pinot Gris of Russell Creek Winery has a distinctively elegant aroma of apple with initial notes of pear before developing into a clean and crisp citrus finish. It is light on the palate and is ideal for summer and spring picnic seasons.
2012 Russell Creek Syrah
The 2012 Syrah of Russell Creek Winery is medium-bodied and full of cherries and leather before finishing with notes of vanilla. It uses Red Mountain grapes rather than Columbia Valley grapes, which gives it a big earthy body.
Russell Creek Tributary Red
The Tributary Red of Russell Creek Winery is a bold and structured red with firm tannins and ripe fruit feel. It is a rare red blend due to its distinctive combination of different grape varieties. It is full-bodied and may be mistaken for a California red due to its unique Bordeaux blend.
Russell Creek Sangiovese
The Sangiovese of Russell Creek Winery offers a smooth and flavorful aftertaste without any hint of dryness. It is complex and offers distinct tertiary notes on the palate and nose. The Sangiovese of Russell Creek Winery is not too spicy or peppery.
Russell Creek Tributary White
Similar to the Tributary Red, the Tributary White of Russell Creek Winery is full-bodied and is unpretentious with its unique blend that can pique both the nose and the palate.